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What You Should Know Before Coming To America

Opportunities within a foreign country are tempting, especially if you’re used to a third world setting. And when it comes to the American dream, millions of people around the world wish they can live it. But change always brings with it a different set of challenges. This is what you should know before coming to America.

It’s Easy To Lose Yourself

If there is one thing Americans are proud of, it’s their ability to be intimidating. This doesn’t necessarily mean everyone you’ll meet will be rude, but you’ll probably start to a feel a desire to change. You’ll want to fit in, which is why you might consider learning the accent or find things within the culture that are cool.

While it’s important to immerse yourself inside a new country if you want to survive, try not to lose yourself in the process. The truth is you don’t have to change who you are to fit in, you just need some confidence to stay true to yourself.

Look At All Your Job Options

There’s a stigma that immigrants shouldn’t even bother aiming for high quality jobs. And this stigma is based on a lack of experience regarding American culture, and nothing else.

If you have a college degree or you specialize in a certain field, there’s nothing stopping you from applying for a decent job. Forget the stigma, because it doesn’t exist.

What You Should Know Before Coming To America

Meet New People

Moving to America and staying indoors all day won’t help your situation. If you are going to function like the people around you, you need to start socializing. The more you get out the more people you are going to come across, which can lead to job or friendship opportunities.

Keep Track Of Spending

Things are going to be a little different in the US, because luxury items can be a lot cheaper than you’re used to. Don’t fall into the temptation to start buying things you previously couldn’t afford, because rent in America is relatively high.

It’s Not Like The Movies

This is one of the hardest things for immigrants to accept, but America shouldn’t be judged by the movies you’ve seen. Instead, adapt a realistic approach when you get there. Some people are going to be rude while others will be helpful. Some things you’ll like, for example the food, but you might not appreciate the heavy traffic jams.

Learn to stand your ground and speak your mind, even if you feel like an outsider. Just because you come from another country doesn’t mean you deserve less respect. Yes, America is a great place, but it can also be brutal at times.

Stay Positive

There are going to be moments when you doubt your decision to come to America, and this is natural. Nothing is scarier than sitting in a foreign country alone, but it will get better. Once you embrace the good and the bad things in your surroundings it will become much easier to adapt.

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