Top 10 PHP Frameworks

PHP is the most well known server side scripting language, made and intended for web improvement. PHP is introduced on a great many web servers and sites. PHP is outstanding for its clever segments, unprecedented HTML and database mix bolster likewise easy to learn. PHP Frameworks has a wide range of execution, shapes and memory sizes. It has focused on engineers with various degrees of experience, facilitating abilities, and web improvement. Top PHP Frameworks in 2017 incorporate Laravel, Cakephp, CodeIgniter, Symfony and couple of something else.Laravel web application software development


Laravel system is well-suited for making present day networks and APIs. It is anything but difficult to compose, expand the code, keep up, moment sending and facilitating stage. An astonishing ORM, effortless directing, ground-breaking line library, and straightforward verification give you the instruments you requirement for viable PHP. We sweat the little stuff to enable you to convey astonishing applications. Laravel does not chip away at shared facilitating plans.


CodeIgniter is a free structure. CodeIgniter underpins the most widely recognized, including MySQL. It Creates codes by giving a rich arrangement of libraries for ordinary assignments. It is a straightforward, substitution dependent on layout instrument and zero design. Addons/Plugins are accessible for the greater part of the all out formats. Barely any libraries are inbuilt.


Symfony is an adaptable and versatile PHP system for MVC application. It Speeds up the creation and upkeep of your PHP web applications which will likewise be all around reported, kept up, and upheld. Symfony is a lot of reusable PHP segment can be used in Template, Translation, Security, Form Configuration, Validate and substantially more.


CakePHP is an open-source web, quick improvement system that makes building web applications more straightforward, quicker and requires less code. It is anything but difficult to learn, accessible with versatile formats, Database Access, Caching, Validation and Authentication. CakePHP offer more highlights like no arrangement, Under MIT permit, MVC Conventions and increasingly secure.


Zend Framework is versatile and business PHP system that highlights the Zend studio, a total IDE and a Zend server that makes the designers work brisk and productive. Zend Framework has huge amounts of segments for approval, feeds, and structures. It has elite, extensible, secure and demonstrated endeavor arranged business applications.

Phalcon Framework

Phalcon Framework offer best speed however low memory use. It depends on C augmentations and is stacked together with PHP one time on the web server’s daemon and begin procedure supports to MVC-based applications. Phalcon give an amazing ORM that enables client to control database records as classes and articles. MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite are upheld out of the container. Perspectives speak to the UI of your application.


Thin is a PHP smaller scale structure that causes you rapidly compose basic yet ground-breaking web applications and APIs. It is a lightweight littler scale structure and quickest Restful Framework for PHP. The least demanding approach to begin working with Slim is to make a venture utilizing Slim-Skeleton. Thin system highlights HTTP Caching and Flash, PSR-7 HTTP message usage and HTTP solicitation and reaction questions around your thin application.

Yii 2

Yii is an advanced PHP structure with OOP keeps system inside. It is an elite PHP structure best for creating Web 2.0 applications. It grows spotless and reusable code. It pursues the MVC design, clear rationale and presention. Yii accompanies MVC, DAO/ActiveRecord, I18N/L10N, reserving, validation and job based access control and platform. It can lessen improvement time altogether.

Fat Free Framework

Fat Free Framework is an ideal system recommendable for the novices. It is a full-included toolbox, overly lightweight structure and simple to learn and broaden. Fat Free Framework is incredible yet simple to-utilize PHP smaller scale structure intended to assist you with building dynamic and strong web applications quick. It has huge amounts of bundles including unit testing and picture. Fat Free structure underpins SQL or No SQL.


Zikula is an Open Source PHP Application Framework, for your SME to corporate business or individual destinations. Zikula coordinates Bootstrap 3 and Font Awesome 4. Bootstrap is a “smooth, instinctive, and amazing versatile first front-end structure for quicker and simpler web improvement. It likewise uses jQuery for energizing web UIs and impacts. It makes things like HTML record traversal.

PHP was a language to make straightforward website pages prior, has grown persistently fueling the majority of the pages with accessible systems. Structures rely upon an assortment of components, for example, execution, database supporting, security, improvement highlights, size, documentation and facilitating capacities it requires.